Disconnection at customer's request

The customer must notify us at least three days prior to the day disconnection is desired.The customer shall remain responsible for all service used and the billings therefore until service is disconnected pursuant to such notice.The customer shall not be responsible for service rendered to such address or location after the expiration of the three day notification.

Please print out the form and drop it by our office, or mail it to us with the appropriate fees.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us during regular business hours. We look forward to providing you with the services you need.


Prior to becoming a customer on our system you will need to call the office for fees and print and fill out the appropriate USER AGREEMENT FORM.

Application for Service

Reconnection of water service

We may charge a reasonable reconnection charge, not to exceed the charge approved by the Commission in the utility's filed tariffs.We will reconnect your service within one working day of your request providing that all delinquent fees have been made current or disconnection reason has been corrected.We require a responsible person be present on the premises to see that all water outlets are closed to prevent damage from escaping water.

Postponement of disconnection

A utility shall postpone the disconnection of service for ten days if, prior to the disconnect date specified in the disconnect notice, the customer provides the utility with a medical statement from a licensed physician or public health official which states that disconnection would be a serious and immediate threat to the health or safety of a designated person in the household of the customer.The postponement of disconnection shall be continued for one additional ten day period upon the provision of an additional such medical statement.

(812) 354-2256

Disconnection without a customer's request

We may disconnect service without request by the customer and without prior notice if the following apply:

  • If a condition dangerous or hazardous to life, physical safety, or property exists.
  • Upon order by any court, the Commission, or other duly authorized public authority.
  • If fraudulent or unauthorized use of water is detected and the utility has reasonable ground to believe the affected customer is responsible for such use.
  • If the utility's regulating or measuring equipment has been tampered with and the utility has reasonable grounds to believe that the affected customer is responsible for such tampering.
  • We may also disconnect a service for nonpayment of water service.The customer will be provided with a written disconnect notice seven days prior to disconnection.